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How Our Method works

Market Research

Concept Generation

Industrial Design

CAD and Engineering

Mockups & Prototyping

Manufacturing Documents

We like to think we practice Practical Design.

We're different than other design studios.  Awards don't matter us.  Pretty designs are worthless if they don't work.  Giving a client what they need to continue their journey through manufacturing is the most important thing to us.

Our method revolves around you, our client.  We want to see your product succeed.  We want to give you what you need to make that happen - not only a good design, but good information too. 


We understand that we are not just sketch-monkeys cranking out designs for a peanut, but we are also educators and ambassadors of the design and development process.

Our primary goals:

  • Meet all your design needs as best suits your project

  • Create a tailor made approach to bring your idea to life

  • Provide insight, feedback, and options for you

  • Educate people on the design & development process

  • To work within our client's expectations, timeline, and budget

what to do next


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a call to review and discuss

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